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Got a QSL card from me? Here's some information.

About Me

About the Cards

I live in rural Kansas, and my cards have photos taken from my yard. I currently have two different card fronts:

  1. A sunny winter scene is a February day as seen from my driveway, taken in 2007. Kansas is a land of open places, wheat fields (which you can see just starting to come up), and blue skies.

  2. An early winter sunrise, showing the colorful Kansas sky above the snowy plains, with the county road in the distance. This was also taken from my driveway in 2007 -- this one in January.

If the card I sent you was typewritten, this was done on my 1944 L. C. Smith & Corona Super-Speed manual typewriter, which I gently restored to working condition in 2007.

If you want a particular card, or me to get out the typewriter for it, feel free to request it. I can't promise to be able to fulfill all requests due to supply levels or time, but will try.

eQSL users, and people that receive a QSL from my old call, will always get image #1.

Card Batches


Print Date


Card Size/type

Batch Size

2010-08 KD0MJT

August 12, 2010


4x5.5", gloss stock paper


2010-11 KR0L

November 5, 2010


3.5x5.5", gloss stock

500 (250 of each image)