“Airgap” refers to a computer (or network) that is physically disconnected from a larger network and the Internet.

This word originated in the pre-wifi days, when there was literally air between machines; that is, no connecting communication cables. Nowadays, it also refers to a lack of radio (wifi or otherwise) communication. That is, it is complete physical isolation.

Airgapped systems are often desirable in situations where Computer Security is important. For instance:

  • Handling sensitive or classified information
  • Backups and archiving

Tools for Communicating Offline and in Difficult Circumstances can facilitate airgapping. NNCP in particular can be useful.

Keeping your data safe in the event of a disaster or compromise is important. That’s why we back up.

I sometimes see people read about NNCP and wonder “This sounds great! But… what can I do with it?” This page aims to answer those questions.

Keeping your (digital) bits secure.