Angel Flight

Angel Flight is the name for a number of regional charities. They all operate in basically the same way:

People that need transportation, usually to non-emergency medical care at a distance, contact Angel Flight. Angel flight matches them up with pilots.

Pilots volunteer the use of their time and aircraft, and cover all the costs such as fuel, of the flights.

Typical examples of transportation might be to specialist cancer care at distant facilities, taking children to specialist children’s hospitals, etc.

This is an example of public benefit aviation.

I (John Goerzen) am a certified volunteer command pilot with Angel Flight and fly volunteer missions with them.

I am a programmer, manager, hobbyist, advocate, volunteer, dad, and nature lover. I live out on an old farmstead in rural Kansas that once belonged to my grandparents. The nearest paved road is about 3 miles away, and the nearest town (population 600) is 7 miles away. I have three incredible children, which I might occasionally mention on my blog.