Kansas Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio in Kansas


Other good-coverage repeaters:

KC Area

  • 146.82- 151.4 Downtown (Metro Skywarn)

  • 145.29- 151.4 Shawnee

  • 145.47- 151.4 Olathe (JOCO Skywarn)

  • 442.55+ 186.2 BYRG K0HAM Linked:

  • 147.315 88.5 Louisburg

  • 53.130 88.5 Louisburg

  • 145.12 D-Star Louisburg

  • 442.125 D-Star Louisburg

  • 146.94- 88.5 Downtown

  • 145.39- 88.5 Basehor

  • 224.54- 88.5 Basehor

Topeka Area

  • 145.27- 88.5 Hoyt

  • 444.900 88.5 Lawrence (K0HAM Linked)

  • 146.955 88.5 St. Mary’s

  • 442.025 D-Star Topeka

Wichita Area

  • Newton 146.61-
  • Hutchinson 146.82-/444.65+ PL103.5 (Kan-Okla)
  • Valley Center 147.39+ open
  • Wichita 146.94- 103.5
  • Wichita 146,79- / 444.325+ / 444.25+ (Yaesu System Fusion) PL103.5
  • Matfield Green 147.045+ 88.5
  • Derby 146.85- (Kan-Okla) PL 103.5

Most (but not all) repeaters in central Kansas are untoned. A major exception is K-LINK and NEKSUN/K0HAM.

KC Ham Info


Source of this information: WARC Grounded Grid plus other smaller lists

Location Frequency Day Time Description
Wichita 146.94 Sun 6:30p Sedgwick Co. RACES
Wichita 146.94 Sun 6:45p Tec-Ni-Chat (general discussion)
Wichita 146.94 Sun 7:00p ICUC (ATV discussion)
Wichita 146.85 Sun 8:00p Wichita ARC (Part of Kan-Okla network)
Wichita 146.85 Sun 9:00p Kan-Okla Intertie Net
Wichita 146.895 Tue 8:00p BEARS (Boeing employee) net
Wichita 145.27 Thu 7:00p VFW Veteran’s net
Newton 146.61 Sun 7:00p Amateur Radio Newsline (discussion happens after at 7:30)
Newton 146.61 Sun 7:30p Newton ARC (participation from anyone) - follows Newsline
Hutchinson 147.12 Tue 8:00p Reno Co. ARA Net
McPherson 147.33 Sun 8:00p McPherson ARES Net
McPherson 28.330 Sun 8:30p
McPherson 147.33 Tue 9:00p McPherson ARC
El Dorado 147.15 Tue 6:45p Butler Co Skywarn
K-Link Area K-Link (see above) Wed 9:00p General discussion (hosted from Russell)
K-Link Area K-Link (see above) Sat 9:00p General discussion (hosted from Concordia)
Kan-Okla Area Kan-Okla (see above) Sun 9:00p
HF 3.940 Thu (1st) 7:00p Kansas RACES net
HF 7.2535 Mon-Sat 12:30p Central States Traffic Net
HF 3.920 Daily 7:00a Kansas Morning WX
HF 3.920 Daily 6:00p Kansas WX
HF 3.920 Daily 5:30p Kansas Sideband Net
HF 3.547 Daily 7:00p Kansas CW Traffic
? 145.190 Mon 8:30p Cowley Co. ARC

For more:

Meetings / Gatherings

City Date Time Location Description
Newton 3rd Tue 7:00p Public Library basement boardroom, 720 Oak Newton ARC meeting
McPherson Every Sat 10:00a Perkins, 2111 E. Kansas Ave - but location varies Breakfast get-together
McPherson Every Sun 6:30p Braum’s, 2106 E. Kansas Ave Get-together - always at Braum’s, rain or shine
McPherson 3rd Sat 1:00p McPherson Law Enforcement Ctr Basement, 117 W. Woodside Get-together
Valley Center 2nd Mon 7:00p Calvary Baptist Church - 320 N. Sheridan - Use South Door Get-Together
Wichita Every Sat 7:00a Neighbors Bar and Grill - Twin Lakes Shopping Center - Upper Level Breakfast Get-Together
Wichita 1st Wed 6:00p American Red Cross - 1900 E. Douglas Ave. Wichita Wichita ARC meeting

Packet Radio

For more details on what packet radio is, see the Packet Radio page.


General packet radio for discussion, store-and-forward BBSs, nodes, etc. is discussed in this section.

Information on this is a bit scarce, and more details would be much appreciated.

There are two known areas of activity of non-APRS packet in Kansas:

Wichita Area

See Central Kansas Packet Radio for lots of detail on this system.

Western Kansas

There is a network out in Western Kansas operating on 145.010. They are running nodes with X1J firmward in Garden City, Scott City, Hugoton, and Colby. They have a HF gateway as well at 7086.5 USB. There is a regional network on 40m into Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Iowa, and Ontario. They also have VHF links into Oklahoma and Texas.

Thanks do Dale N0KQX for this information.


K0HAM has an APRS digipeater link system on the air covering much of the state, from the northeast over to Garden City.

Other APRS systems exist, which may be Internet-linked but not necessarily RF-linked.




For an introduction, take a look at the Packet Radio and Kansas Amateur Radio pages.

Amateur radio is a radio service in which people are allowed and encouraged to build their own radios, antennas, and so forth. It can be used to communicate all around the globe without any intervening infrastructure such as satellites or cables.