Linux Programming Bible

How can you find the size of a file? How can you write an Internet web server? How can you add a GUI to your programs? Why is it important to synchronize data between programs, and how do you do it?

All of these questions and more are answered by the Linux Programming Bible. The Linux Programming Bible (Amazon link) is the first and only comprehensive book that takes an in-depth look at programming in Linux. It serves both as a tutorial and as a reference, covering topics that many other books omit such as intracacies of using dynamic libraries, relationship of signal handlers to system calls, and many other details. Through the use of explanations and extensive, ready-to-run tutorials, you can understand and apply concepts of Linux programming in record time. Every Linux programmer should have a copy of this book on the bookshelf!

This website is the online companion to the Linux Programming Bible. Using the Table of Contents (, you can learn what is covered and find detailed information about each chapter. The online Table of Contents also contains chapter detail screens that show you the main sections in each chapter, contain links to any URLs mentioned in the chapter, and describes examples from chapters that are available for download.

If you already own a copy of the Linux Programming Bible, be sure to visit the download area ( to find files relating to your purchase. Currently, you may find electronic copies of all source listings in the book, to save you from having to type them in.

Download tarball: </miscfiles/lpb-examples.tar.gz>

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