“Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively.” - Wikipedia

Some people may say “I have nothing to hide”, but in fact, with the vast amount of data collected on people from everyone from intelligence agencies to Google, the impact on a person from even a compromise of a Google or Facebook account can be devastating. Strangers learning about all your habits, spending, etc. can lead to serious identity fraud problems and scams.

This started out at a post on my blog. This edited version is intended to be kept more up-to-date.

This was originally published as a post on my blog. This version is intended to be kept up-to-date with developments, and is edited from the original.

Profiting from convincing (or, perhaps more accurately, “manipulating”) people to pay attention. Big Social Media sites like Facebook are part of the attention economy: you pay nothing to use the site. In fact, you are the product; they sell your attention to advertisers, and therefore design their product to maximize their profits by manipulating you to spend more time on the site.

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