Real World Haskell

This book is an easy-to-use, fast-moving tutorial introduces you to functional programming with Haskell. You’ll learn how to use Haskell in a variety of practical ways, from short scripts to large and demanding applications.

Real World Haskell won a Jolt award in March 2009.

Collaborative Development

Real World Haskell (RWH) was written by Bryan O’Sullivan, John Goerzen, and Don Stewart. During the writing process, it was released online in its entirety for comment by the community. Over 800 people submitted over 7500 comments. A near-final draft of the book is still available online.


The book is available in paperback everywhere. It is also available in DRM-free digital editions from O’Reilly, and for the Kindle from Amazon; links to these pages are below.

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