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Software Index

This page gives you references to my software.

I once tried to list every software project I made significant contributions to on this page. By January 2006, I had more than 40 items listed on this page, and it was missing quite a few. So instead of trying to provide a full list here, I will instead try to provide you with links to find my software yourself.

If you use and like my software, you're welcome to contribute to my tip jar. It's totally optional, and doesn't give you any special privileges for the future or anything.

Active Projects

Projects under active development or where new features are being added. Consult these sites for my active projects:

Former, Complete, or Unsupported Projects

Many of these programs are simply done -- they completely fulfill their intended purpose and don't need any other work. I continue to use many of them. Others are no longer supported.

Finally, you may consult the list of legacy projects.