John Goerzen's Software

This page gives you references to software by John Goerzen.

I once tried to list every software project I made significant contributions to on this page. By January 2006, I had more than 40 items listed on this page, and it was missing quite a few. So instead of trying to provide a full list here, I will instead try to provide you with links to find my software yourself.

If you use and like my software, you’re welcome to contribute to my tip jar. It’s totally optional, and doesn’t give you any special privileges for the future or anything.

Active Projects

  • My page at salsa has my newest projects. I am also slowly migrating projects from Github to salsa, so you should also check my page at github, which still has many of my active and past projects.

  • Haskell and Rust packages can be found through those project’s respective repositories.

  • See the list of software I maintain for Debian. It contains my own software, plus other software I adapt for Debian. Downloads for Debian users, and everyone else, are available from

Projects & Documentation Hosted Here

Some of the projects I write or contribute significantly to have pages here:

  • Filespooler, an Asynchronous Communication tool I wrote for remote execution, supporting compression, encryption, and authentication – all offline.
  • gitsync-nncp, a tool for asynchronous/offline syncing of Git repositories
  • NNCP, a versatile tool for end-to-end encrypted communication over a variety of mediums. I maintain the NNCP public relay, various documentation and tooling, etc. I am also the largest provider of Usenet over NNCP to the public.
  • While I don’t write code for Syncthing, I have written a lot of code and documentation about using it in unique ways, particularly as a Mesh Network.
  • Rust projects include LoRa and XBee SX long-range radio interfaces (lorapipe and xbnet)

See Also

Other activities such as writing about software, small scripts, and such, may be found at:

  • Git repositories usually store development versions; if you just want to use the program, and not see the latest code, you probably want a different download source if it exists.

  • Source downloads, both generic and Debian-specific, are available from Debian’s site for me.

Older, Former, Complete, or Unsupported Projects

Finally, you may consult my list of legacy projects.

Please see the list of current software and the caveats about the below table on the main software index page. This table was last updated in January 2006, even though it was likely very dated by then already.

If you like my software, you can send a few dollars my way. It’s completely optional, and doesn’t buy you anything; consider it a “tip jar”.

I am a programmer, manager, hobbyist, advocate, volunteer, dad, and nature lover. I live out on an old farmstead in rural Kansas that once belonged to my grandparents. The nearest paved road is about 3 miles away, and the nearest town (population 600) is 7 miles away. I have three incredible children, which I might occasionally mention on my blog.

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