Age (Encryption)

Age is a public-key encryption system, similar in certain concepts to GnuPG (GPG), but simpler because it isn’t focused on building a web of trust.


Conveniently, Age can use not just its own keypairs, but also a person’s SSH keypairs for encryption and decryption. This is nice because many systems already have authenticated SSH keypairs for each other.

Signify is a toool to create and verify signatures on files.

GnuPG (also known by its command name, gpg) is a tool primarily for public key Encryption and cryptographic authentication.

Like the process described in Encrypting Filespooler Jobs with GPG, Filespooler can handle packets Encrypted with Age (Encryption). Age may be easier than GnuPG in a number of cases, particularly because it can use a person’s existing SSH keypairs for encryption.

Anything that uses encryption to keep content away from spying eyes.