The world’s most popular Free Software operating system, the foundation of Debian, and foundation of much of today’s Internet.

Here is a collection of tips for using Amateur Radio on Linux.

Debian GNU/Linux is one of the oldest Linux distributions around. Some things that make it somewhat unique:

A mobile phone operating system based on the Linux kernel.


Note: this page is a few years out of date, but the concepts, ideas, and reasoning should remain relevant.

This is about running ZFS on Linux and Debian.

One of the more advanced modern filesystems with tons of features; originated on Solaris but now runs on Linux, FreeBSD, and others.

Amateur radio is a radio service in which people are allowed and encouraged to build their own radios, antennas, and so forth. It can be used to communicate all around the globe without any intervening infrastructure such as satellites or cables.

Old technology is any tech that’s, well… old.