quux.org Usenet NNTP and NNCP peer

At quux.org, I operate a heavily-peered Usenet server. It peers with others on the Internet using conventional NNTP. Moreover, I also offer partial and full Usenet over NNCP feeds. quux.org carries a full set of text newsgroups, and no binaries.

Please see the detailed documentation at the Usenet over NNCP page!

These sites are hosted on the complete.org server. Some are hosted with resources donated to non-profit organizations.

Complete.Org is a personal project managed since 1994 by John Goerzen.

Usenet, of course, originally ran over UUCP in quite a few cases. Since NNCP is quite similar to UUCP – in fact, you can map UUCP commands to NNCP ones – it is quite possible, and not all that hard, to run Usenet over NNCP. In fact, in a number of ways, it works better than Usenet over UUCP!

NNCP lets you securely send files, or request remote execution, between systems. It uses asynchronous communication, so the source and destination need never be online simultaneously. NNCP can route requests via intermediate devices – other NNCP nodes, USB sticks, tapes, radios, phones, cloud services, whatever – leading to a network that is highly resilient and flexible. NNCP makes it much easier to communicate with devices that lack Internet connectivity, or have poor Internet.