Termux is a package that brings several things to Android:

  • A terminal emulator
  • A set of packages rebuilt for the pecularities of running as a regular user app on Android
  • An apt-based package manager as from Debian (though this is not a Debian derivative in any other way)

Termux does not require a rooted phone and is not an emulator. Programs run at native speed.

Homepage: https://termux.com/

My page NNCP on Android uses Termux.

IMPORTANT: Do not install Termux from the Play Store. That version is outdated and broken. Use the links on the homepage to install from F-Droid or the APK directly.

A mobile phone operating system based on the Linux kernel.

To use NNCP on Android, we need a way to build and run it. The easiest option for that is Termux.